Britney Insulted Her Fans (… and we’re only a little mad)

Britney Spears is God’s gift to pop music. There, I said it.

Now that I found you have gotten that off my chest, let me just add… What the f_ck, Brit! I have been a Britney fan ever since her first appearance on US radio. 92 ProFM, a Cumulus affiliate station based out of Providence, RI, was the first radio station in the United States to play the now iconic “… Baby One More Time“.  Anyway, Britney has been gimme more than a goddess, more than perfect, and more than everything. Always.

My roommate recently asked me why I was such a big fan? It made me think for a second. I mean, of course there’s the fact that she’s flawless. But what else…

For me, Britney represents hope. She represented rebellion my first step into gay culture. “…Baby One More Time” was first album that I had ever purchased (with my mom’s money, of course). She was the first outlet I had into pop culture, media, and what being a teenager was all about. Britney encouraged me to grow into who I would become, and, even though she had no idea who I was, I knew that she accepted me. I knew that she was proud of me, and as a young person trying to figure life out that meant everything.

I suppose that through the years I have held onto those memories. The memories of little me growing up with Britney. Watching her every step. Every move. Every album release. The support she inadvertently provided me as a struggling gay youth is incomprehensible. She made me stronger.

My love for Britney is deeply rooted in some cognitive psychological experience; however, she kept my love by continually being a total badass. She danced with a snake named Banana, kissed Madonna, dated teen (and adult) heart throb Justin Timberlake, traveled the world, and helped bring the worlds most brilliant advertising campaign to life (who cares that it was for Pepsi):

This groovy masterpiece…


This magnificent visual feast…


The decades of sex appeal here…


And the fab trio of ass kickers…


Us fans were willing to see passed the “Spearsgate” that was 2007. Hell, we were even willing to get over the fact that “Unusual You”, “Toy Soldier”, and “He About to Lose Me” never made it as radio singles. But…

… how the hell did “Britney Jean” come to fruition? Okay, fine, I get it. Britney has no fucks left to give because she is the queen. But for an album that was marketed as “special for the fans” and her “most personal album yet”, there really was a lack of substance. And to add insult to injury, the substance that was present on the album, such as “Hold On Tight”, “Now That I Found You”, and “Don’t Cry”, was completely ignored. Hell, even “Brightest Morning Star” is better than “Perfume”. I have had to watch Team Britney sabotage her career over and over again. Why? To make her seem normal again? Fuck that. I call bullshit.

But like I stated in the title, we are only a little angry. We know that Britney would never knowingly allow these “mishaps” to occur, for she is perfect.

Her management on the other hand…

#BritneyArmy for life.


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